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The Sunday Show with Scottish Greens, Alba and Reform UK – BBC News



The Scottish Greens have had a difficult
2024 so far after being dropped as the SNP’s government partners.

The party seems a bit cowed by events but
will now look forward to campaigning on the doorsteps.

They’re standing in 44 seats (out of 57) –
the most ever.

Patrick Harvie’s appearance on The Sunday Show and the party’s participation in the campaign means
they can plant a flag and air their views.

He said a critical part of their offer is a
tax on the super-rich.

The party dismisses the possibility of
splitting the pro-independence vote and maybe even relish giving the SNP a bit
of a bashing.

Mr Harvie was critical of the First Past the
Post voting system – saying he was happy to see every green vote in every
ballot box.

However, there has been a joke that the
Greens are embarking on a lost deposit return scheme with their 44 seats.

But this general election is about profile –
and sets the scene for their more significant campaign which is the 2026
Scottish Parliament election.

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