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The Tartan Army discover the Bayern Ticket



Special Euro 2024 livery for ICE train in Germany. Image: Deutsche Bahn.

Football fans from Scotland are in Germany for the opening match of Euro 2024. The host nation is playing Scotland in the opening match of the tournament. The organisers expect anything up to 120,000 Scots to be in Bavaria for the match. That’s good news for the bierkellars of Bavaria. It is also good news for sellers of a special ticket that lets you do anything at all in Bavaria … except actually attend the match.

Tickets for the Germany – Scotland match at Euro 2024 sold out as soon as they were released. Some say all 66,000 seats could be filled by kilt-wearing Scots. That may be wishful thinking on the part of the Scots. However, there is no wishful thinking in the huge uplift in sales of another ticket. This ticket doesn’t get you into the match, but the Bavaria Ticket (Bayern Ticket) gets you anywhere in Bavaria and a little further too.

Men proud of their national dress

Germany’s monthly €49 ticket has been a popular success. The all-network ticket has been well received. It has seen passenger traffic return on many regional routes. However, a single region is about to see a huge influx of passengers using another regional ticket. Most of them have only a basic grasp of German. Most of them are men. Most of them wear skirts.

The Tartan Army have won awards for good behaviour. Bavaria can expect the Scottish football fans to make a lasting – and colourful – impression. Image: ©

If you have not already worked it out, the Scots are coming to Bavaria. The National football team has been drawn to open the Euro 2024 tournament on Friday, 14 June. The Scottish team will be hosted by Germany at Munich’s Allianz Arena. They will be cheered on by the famous “Tartan Army” – the official supporters association. The Tartan Army has a reputation for friendly relations – and a boisterous arrival. Many also wear the Scottish traditional costume – the Kilt. The heavy woollen skirts could just be the ticket if Germany’s recent stormy weather returns this week.

Just one Scottish problem to solve

There’s also something else for which the Scots are famous. That is seeking out a bargain. That’s why the Bavaria Ticket has been selling in record quantities. The ticket allows travel on all regional public transport throughout Bavaria. The pricing suits groups. After the first person pays €29, the next four adults pay just €10 each.

Allianz Arena in Munich awaits. Germany will host the opening Euro 2024 match with Scotland on Friday, 14 June. Image: Wikimedia Commons. © Michael 2015.

DB Germany railways say the great price leaves plenty of euros for beer and pretzels. Excellent news for Scots – that is their staple diet. The ticket also allows travel to and from Salzburg, just over the border. The Austrian town has seen a huge interest in bookings from Scotland in the weeks before the match. There’s every reason to make Salzburg a base of operations – given the ease of local travel and the appeal of the alpine city. With match tickets in short supply, many Scots are making for destinations nearby, including official fan zones. All the designated areas are served by public transport and the Bavaria Ticket.

DB has a portfolio of ticket options for fans travelling to matches during the tournament. Wearing a kilt is not obligatory. Accommodation has been booked, and transport has been sorted. The result probably doesn’t matter too much. The Scots being the Scots, there is just one problem left to solve. Who is going to pay the first €29?

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