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The UK’s best fish and chip shops have been revealed



East Coast in Musselburgh shared top spot (Picture: Google)

Brits have plenty of options to choose from fish and chip shops, considering it’s a national staple. In fact, there are 10,500 fish and chip shops scattered across the UK.

But not all are created equal – and now a new list compiles the best of the lot.

According to analysis of Google, TripAdvisor and Instagram data by Betway, there are 12 chippies that stand out from the rest.

The scores were based on views of each shop on Instagram, hashtags and overall rankings on TripAdvisor.

And you’ll be surprised to learn that a famed seaside town only makes the cut once, while a London eatery came first, despite the capital’s reputation for substandard fish and chips.

The Fish Lounge in Brixton Hill, was joint first place with East Coast, a chippy in Musselburgh, a coastal city in Scotland.

The UK’s best fish and chip shops

  1. East Coast, Musselburgh, Scotland, and Fish Lounge, London
  2. Frankie’s Fish and Chips, Brae, Scotland
  3. The Bearded Sailor, Pudsey, Leeds
  4. Jacksons, Newton Abbot, Wales
  5. Noah’s, Bristol
  6. The Proper Fish and Chips Co, Exmouth
  7. Brockley’s Rock, London
  8. Hobson’s Fish & Chips, Soho and Peckish Fish and Chips, Cornwall
  9. #Fish, Edinburgh
  10. Saltwater, Torquay, Devon
  11. Croft Street Fisheries, Leeds
  12. Lighthouse Fisheries Of Flamborough, Yorkshire

Tripadvisor reviews of East Coast in Musselburgh, which describes itself as a ‘modern’ fish and chip shop, score it an average 4.5 stars.

One vistor, rockca78, said: ‘Deliciously fresh food which was beautifully presented. Really good and friendly service. Very enjoyable family meal out. We will definitely go back for another visit.’

Fish Lounge has an overall rating of 4.5 stars too, although only 25 people have left their reviews.

‘Great service, lovely seating area and fantastic cod and chips at a reasonable price,’ wrote olicollins. ‘Up there with the best fish and chips i’ve ever had (and I grew up in a coastal town!)’

Fish Lounge in Brixton Hill was a surprising London win (Picture: Google)

Other top offerings were scattered around the UK, with another London making the ranking, alongside multiple appearances from Leeds and Scotland.

Though you might associate Cornwall or Brighton with fish and chips, the former only appears twice on the list while the latter doesn’t rank at all. Peckish Fish and Chips in Cornwall also shares its eighth place spot with Hobson’s Fish and Chips in Soho – we wonder what they have to say about that.

Scottish establishments did well, including Frankie’s in Brae which came second (Picture: Google)

If you’re wondering what Betway knows about fish and chips and prefer a ranking from the experts, you might be interested in something more official.

The Fry Awards send thousands of mystery diners out to fish and chip shops across the UK, finding 60 outlets of exemplary standards.

Alternatively, to really make a meal out of it, you could opt for a bougie fish and chip experience at Harrods. Be warned though, it’ll set you back £37.

Then there’s also the controversial fish and chip shop Jack the Chipper in Whitechapel and Whitechapel – though some people have boycotted it, saying its name ‘glorifies a serial killer’.

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