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Uncovering Hidden Gems in the World of Wine – Scottish Business News



 Woodhouse Wines an Aberdeenshire based premier wine retailer, has been hailed by Larder Magazine as “redefining the art of wine selection”.

This is the latest is series of recommendations by Larder and our own Simon McLoud took up the challenge of finding out just how Woodhouse faired.

Woodhouse Wines‘ expertise and knowledge in curating exceptional recommendations for their customers stem from three decades of hands-on tasting experience. The wine retailer further boasts extensive networking with suppliers and distributors, and the assurance of a Certificate from WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust).

Simon attended a wine tasting session held by Woodhouse and returned having purchased more than he had anticipated. Wine has been a passion of Simon’s for decades, and he loves discovering new treasures.

Look out for his upcoming article about the hidden treasures he unearthed at the wine tasting. And for the moment if wine is your passion you can read more about About Woodhouse Wines in the Larder Magazine article.


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