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Watch: Scotland welcomes Taylor Swift with bagpipe performance of ‘Love Story’



Viral Video: Edinburgh is buzzing with excitement as Taylor Swift prepares for her much-anticipated performances at Murrayfield Stadium this weekend. The Scottish capital has pulled out all the stops to give the global superstar a warm welcome, reflecting her Scottish heritage with a grand display of traditional music.

A post shared by @scotishdailyrecord and @edinburghlive captured the moment The Reel Time Pipe Band, featuring eight Highland bagpipers and three drummers, performed at the stadium in honor of Swift’s arrival. The band dedicated 32 hours to rehearsals, ensuring a flawless rendition of “Love Story,” one of Swift’s most beloved hits from 2008.

In the video, the band members are seen wearing sequined kilts, aligning perfectly with the extravagant attire expected from Swift’s fans, known as ‘Swifties,’ during her concerts.

“Lots of Taylor’s tunes translate surprisingly well to traditional Scottish instruments,” remarked Pipe Major Roddy Deans, the charismatic leader of the band. “We’re all huge music fans, so we were delighted to help welcome Taylor to Scotland in the best way we know. It’s been a lot of fun recreating ‘Love Story’ on the bagpipes and putting this ensemble together,” he added.

The video has garnered a positive response, with one user commenting, “It’s a big thing for Edinburgh and Scotland to have her kicking off her British leg in Edinburgh, great for the economy worse things weans could be doing than going to a concert.” Another swiftie remarked, “Good for Scotland—making memories and welcoming everyone with joy.” A third fan said, “Oh my goodness. What an awesome welcoming party.” A fourth user wrote, “What a beautiful honor and tribute to Taylor. It brings a tear to my eyes because I have Scottish ancestors, and it’s nice to know that we are such beautiful people.”

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Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ in Edinburgh includes three consecutive nights of performances from June 7 to June 9, promising unforgettable moments for fans. The iconic Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium has temporarily been dubbed the ‘Scottish Lass’ to celebrate the arrival of the illustrious American singer, as noted in the Instagram post.

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The city’s efforts reflect its enthusiasm and pride in hosting Swift, creating a memorable experience for both the singer and her fans. The traditional Scottish welcome is a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage and its ability to embrace contemporary global icons.

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