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‘We couldn’t be happier’: Delight as public golf course saved from closure



Councillors were presented with more than 50 money savings options to plug an £8.3 million budget black hole, one of which was to close or downsize Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course. This proposal was rejected.

Following the announcement, Gerry Smith, match secretary at Overtoun Golf Club – one of several that play at Dalmuir – told the Clydebank Post he is “delighted” but that there are discussions that now need to be had.

The Herald: Some of the members of Overtoun Golf Course at Dalmuir Some of the members of Overtoun Golf Course at Dalmuir (Image: Newsquest Staff)

Gerry said: “I’m obviously delighted and we couldn’t be happier but it’s only the start. Now, we need to get all the clubs together with the council and discuss how to go forward with the course rather than just leaving it how it is right now.

“The course could make money if it’s invested in. When I say invested I’m not talking about a lot of money, just enough to make sure it’s up to a good standard where people will want to play it.

“It’s been let slip over the last two or three years which is why it has been losing money. Money could be recouped if more things were brought to it such as amenities for people.

“There was a bowling club there but that was shut down. It was supposedly going to be turned into a putting green by the previous pro but he left and that position was never filled so it’s just lying there doing nothing.

“There’s also a café sitting there with rooms at the back of it. People could easily sit in there and have a cup of coffee or even a drink but there’s absolutely nothing there right now.”

The Herald:

Gerry went on to explain that modern golf courses cater for much more than just a round of golf and that he hopes Dalmuir will eventually be the same.

The 51-year-old believes there are several development opportunities that could be taken at the landmark course including transforming the currently vacant café.

The Drumry resident added: “Golf clubs now, they don’t just cater for golf they serve food, drinks, etc.

“With the summer coming up people will be using the park [Dalmuir Park] with their kids. If the café was open they could then go in there and get an ice cream for the kids and a coffee for themselves or whatever.

“You can’t even do that right now. It would bring more people in. Obviously, with the bowling greens at the back, they could easily be transformed into a putting green.

“The council could charge 50p or £1 for kids to go on and have a wee shot of putting. It could help get them into golf as well.

“These are things that nobody is interested in. If the books say the balance is minus they [WDC] just think well how can we get rid of that instead of saying ‘How can we make this better and how can we make it so it’s making money?” 

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