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XL Bully dogs start flooding into Scotland as SNP refuses to follow UK ban



The SNP has been criticised for allowing XL bully dogs to be moved to Scotland, after refusing to follow the UK Government’s ban on the breed.

Numerous ads have been posted by owners or prospective owners asking to move the dogs to Scotland.

XL Bully dogs will be outlawed in England and Wales from December 31 after a string of dog attacks were connected to the breed.

Selling, rehoming and breeding the dog will be outlawed, and owning one without an exemption certificate will be a criminal offence from the start of February.

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In one instance, dog day care centre Bedlay Gardens, based in North Lanarkshire, called for Scottish adoptions on social media.

They said: “We are desperately looking for fosterers/adopters willing to take in an XL bully in light of the announced ban in England and wales.

“Any XL bullies in England and Wales not homed before the 31st of December will be euthanised through NO FAULT of their own.

“These are loving, caring dogs who love people, yet have been abandoned like trash or given up by their owners.

“Almost all of these dogs are dog friendly and many of them have lived with kids.

“If you can help by fostering or adopting an XL bully in Scotland, saving them from being PTS down south, please, please do.

“XL bullies are not banned in Scotland, so at least if they are here in temporary foster homes, we have more time to find them forever homes.

“Here are some of the dogs currently looking for someone to save them. Some have less time than others.”

Speaking in parliament on Thursday, Scottish Conservative Justice spokesperson Russell Findlay questioned the SNP’s decision to not follow Westminster’s ban.

He claimed that banning dangerous dogs is the “latest issue they want to pick a constitutional fight over”.

Findlay added: “They are quite literally willing to gamble with lives and stir up grievance.”

Earlier this year, Tory MSP Jamie Greene warned: “If the SNP don’t follow suit, there is a real risk Scotland will be used as a dumping ground for these dogs by criminal gangs.”


XL Bully dogs will be outlawed in England and Wales from December 31 after a string of dog attacks were connected to the breed


But a spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “Any change to the rules must be evidence-based and the Scottish Government is moving swiftly to carefully consider the evidence so the right decision can be made for Scotland and public safety is paramount to our deliberations.

“Scotland already has a dog control notice regime that is unique in the UK and focussed on preventing dog attacks from happening in the first place.

“The UK Government announced the proposal to ban XL Bullies without any notice to the Scottish Government.

“That is why Scottish ministers have written to the UK Government to emphasise the importance that people in England and Wales do not use any loopholes created by them in getting rid of their dogs to other parts of the UK including Scotland.”

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