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Repairs begin to world-famous viaduct after ‘years’ of planning



The work is part of an ongoing maintenance programme and will help futureproof the viaduct, Network Rail said.

The work is expected to take just under 12 months to complete and will see engineers assessing the condition and strength of the viaduct and making improvements beneath the track to keep the stone ballast in place.

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Laura Craig, scheme project manager, Network Rail, said: “The main works to the viaduct will be concrete repairs. We’ll also be doing some repairs to the pier that sits in the River Finnan.

“Years of planning have gone into this project. The work will not have a massive visual impact on the way the viaduct looks and that’s very deliberate, with it being grade A listed.

“We won’t be scaffolding the structure at all but in the coming weeks, you’ll start to see the rope access technicians on the viaduct as they begin work.”

There will be no disruption to rail services during the work on the structure, Network Rail confirmed.

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