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Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf to Resign?- Republic World



Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf. | Image:AP

Scotland’s first minister, Humza Yousaf, is contemplating stepping down instead of facing two impending votes of confidence.

According to a report from BBC News, a source close to Mr. Yousaf revealed that resignation is being seriously considered, although a final decision has yet to be reached. “The clock has been ticking ever downwards,” the source emphasized to the BBC on Sunday night.

Here is what you need to know

Yousaf’s precarious position stems from his sudden termination of the SNP’s power-sharing arrangement with the Scottish Greens last Thursday. The move has thrust him into a battle for political survival.

After rejecting any collaboration with Alex Salmond’s Alba party, Yousaf’s fate hinges on securing support from the Scottish Greens to fend off the looming vote of no confidence.

To retain his position, Yousaf must garner backing from at least one opposition member in the Holyrood Parliament. The vote is anticipated to occur as early as Wednesday, pending a decision by the parliamentary bureau, composed of the presiding officer and MSPs from major parties.

The decision to abandon the Bute House Agreement, the pact with the Greens, has incited fierce opposition from Yousaf’s former coalition partners.

Resignation the only option?

Now facing dual motions of no confidence, one from the Scottish Conservatives targeting his leadership as first minister and another from Scottish Labour seeking the resignation of his entire government, Yousaf finds himself at a critical crossroads.

The Greens have consistently voiced their refusal to support Yousaf in the personal vote. The Scottish Conservatives, Labour, and the Liberal Democrats have likewise announced their intention to vote against him.

With no indication of a shift in support, Yousaf confronts a dilemma: whether to risk defeat in a confidence vote or preemptively resign from his position.

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