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Scottish island shop goes viral after ordering more Easter eggs than population



In Sanday, an Orkney island, the Sinclair General Store manager ordered 80 cases of chocolate Easter eggs instead of the intended 80 eggs.

The shops stock now has 720 eggs – and the island population reaches 500.

A raffle has now started for one lucky winner to win 100 eggs, to raise money for the RNLI lifeboat branch of the island.

The National: RNLI Lifeboat. Picture: RNLI

Owner Dan Dafydd has said the mistake and media coverage has made the shop famous with calls to buy tickets coming from Australia and Singapore. The store has raised more than £300 so far.

He shared: “We thought we were going a bit far by getting 200 raffle squares, but we’ve long sold out of them, passed 300 and got another hundred squares.”

He added: “Our shop manager, Barbra Moody, is the resident of the Sanday branch of the RNLI so it was a really easy decision.

“It’s nice that my stupidity can do something good for the RNLI, and people on the island love a competition, so it’s worked out for the best.”

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