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World-famous fashion brand to open in Scottish city centre



The Multrees Walk site in Edinburgh is considered to be a sought-after high-end brand showcase.

It is currently home to major brands including Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Canada Goose, with luxury car brand Genesis also recently taking space on the walk.

The Herald: The warrant covers 13-15 Multrees Walk and 24 Elder StreetThe warrant covers 13-15 Multrees Walk and 24 Elder Street (Image: Google)

Owner Nuveen describes the street as “the essence of luxury shopping”.

A building warrant to fit out the two units has been submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council on behalf of the Italian fashion superbrand.

The warrant covers two sites, the former Boss and Caffe Nero outlets.

The move was first flagged by the Edinburgh Inquirer last year. Gucci has been contacted for comment.

Scottish jobs market slows further amid economic uncertainty

The number of people in Scotland starting new full-time jobs fell last month at the fastest pace recorded since April as growing economic uncertainty weighed on hiring decisions and discouraged workers from seeking new roles.

The latest Report on Jobs out today from the Royal Bank of Scotland also found that despite waning demand among employers, a shortage of suitable candidates continued to push up starting salaries. However, the rate of inflation “eased notably” from November.

Graeme Roy: The key numbers in Scottish Government’s income tax choices

Last month’s Budget prompted debate about income tax in Scotland and its impact upon the economy and public finances.

Much of this discussion was shaped by pre-Budget speculation around an apparent “funding gap” in spending plans. It is unsurprising, therefore, that early commentary was framed around how much new tax policy choices might raise and the likelihood of taxpayer behavioural effects limiting any such gains. At the Scottish Fiscal Commission, we forecast how much we think the Scottish Government will raise both from its new tax policy choices and in total from income tax revenues over the next five years.

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